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Word on the street: “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt this week?”

We recently stopped people on the streets of Braamfontein and asked them to share with us, the most interesting thing that they’ve learnt in the last few days. These were their unpremeditated responses. 

Mkay Fresh, Art director

“Ityma le se ma taxini, mina ngese mathekini. I’m sorry, I had to do that! Okay I’ve learnt about karma cleansing. I was watching Cloud Atlas, I picked it up for Halle Berry but I learned a lot from the movie. You can clean your karma, your karma don’t stay with you. You can give yourself a karmic cleanse by forgiving yourself, that is one part of it.”


Tarryn Alberts, Dancer

“The main thing I’ve learnt over the past two days while working on set, is that no matter how stressful or intense your job is don’t panic because you make everyone’s energy around you uncomfortable and then no one can work. It stops the creativity or the creative flow.” 


Raphael Mthunzi, Student

“In terms of the protests that have been going on I have found out something interesting in the past two days. Free education is possible within South Africa. It can be funded and it can be maintained so that access can grow to more students.”


Lulama Wolf, Blogger

“That life is short.” 


Natalie Paneng, Student

“I think that the craziest learning experience for me these past few days has been to do with the protests in general. The most interesting thing that I encountered with in all of the commotion was noticing three policemen smiling. I just thought what in this time could we be smiling about? So much is happening, people are literally crying and putting out their fears and their hurt and here’s a man smiling and waiting for something to happen so that he can react.”


Billy Langa, Theatre maker

“The thing that I have recently learnt is that you have only yourself to rely on. People can only help you here and there, they will not always be there. You have to have a very strong back bone.” 


Ryan Winter, Teacher

“The most interesting thing I’ve learnt in the last week is that Nyalas love the taste of apple. I’m European! I never knew that. That’s it. That’s all.” 


Gabby Mathibe, Social media manager

“What I recently learnt about myself, which I find interesting, is that I am actually a shitty friend. It kind of shocked me because I believe in being there for my friends yet recently I’ve been that friend that I am always shouting at for not being there. It was interesting to learn that I am not as perfect of a friend as I thought I was.” 


Nadine Kutu, Film maker

“I realised yesterday that for a generation, the next president will be their first white president of the United States… oh and I also learnt that fuckboys are everywhere.”


Naledi Chai, Film maker

“So the most interesting thing I learnt in the last week is that if you are meant to do something, if you are called towards a specific thing, no matter what you do to try to avoid it, it will always nudge you. If you’re a film maker and you want to tell real and honest stories and you are going around working for production companies that don’t care about their content, it will always be uncomfortable for you because you are not telling the stories that you know that you are meant to tell. I have been unemployed for very long and recently I was lucky enough to meet a group of women who are interested in my stories and so therefore me having all of those financial frustrations was a sign saying: you are not paying any attention to me and I am the one that needs you.” 


Jordan Major, Creative strategist

“The lesson that I’ve learnt this week is that life is truly beautiful when you learn to see it that way.” 


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