Durban Vermin – A tribute to the Heat City locals that don’t always feel the love

Durban. Heat City. The land of golden sands, sunny days and balmy nights. It’s also home to many a creature, both cute and creepy. As part of an ongoing series on 10and5, we’re contacting artists across the country to draw, paint or illustrate a few of the things they love about their home town. Today sees a set of whimsical lino prints courtesy of Durban-born fine artist Kylie Wentzel

“There are so many insanely wonderful things about Durban, but I’m completely nuts about animals – great and small – and have been since I was a tiny tot. Some of my earliest memories are of befriending all the little critters in my garden in Redhill,” explains the artist.


Having first fallen in love with the medium of lino print in her final year of studies, it was an exhibition at Cape Town’s South African National Gallery that inspired Kylie to try her hand at the medium.

“I started to merge my love for the bold black and white lino print, with my knowledge of the digital realm and began making ‘linomations’ (animated lino prints) as well as scanned and digitally manipulated lino prints,” explains Kylie. “So in a lot of my works, you’ll see remnants of classic South African lino prints, such as distinctive borders and using them to contribute to the narrative, mark-making, combining picture and text, black and white bold graphics. I generally do create the linoprints first and then sometimes edit them further digitally, but other times I’ll just let the style run through my illustrations.” 

Look through Kylie’s works below and find more by the artist on Instagram.  

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