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15 international residencies to cure your wanderlust

From Toyko to New York, Mongolia to Bolivia – there are hundreds of residencies available to artists across the world. Residences are enriching opportunities to reflect on your creative practise, create new work and submerge yourself in a fresh environment. Have you ever thought of creating your work aboard a container ship or in a historic Italian villa? Or, maybe you’d love a trip to Mongolia to make land art. We’ve put together a list of incredible residencies for you, so you’d best start updating your CV and applying!

The Container Artist Residency 01

If you’re a visual artist working in sculpture, painting, installation, performance, photography video or digital art, then you stand the chance to travel the seas for three weeks on board a gigantic commercial container ship. The shipping industry is a driving cultural and economic force across the globe and this residency challenges artists to consider their practise from a unique perspective. 

Good to know: Artists receive a $1,000 honorarium, return travel allowance, and stipend of up to $5,000 for equipment, materials and production. You’ll be expected to produce artworks that become part of an exhibition presented in six additional cities around the world. Find out more here


The Fabrica Residency

The Benetton Research and Development Communication Centre is located in Catena di Villorba in Italy and has an applied talent incubator where artists can develop and explore innovative projects. Can we mention it’s also 20 minutes away from Venice? The residency is open to all who work in the mediums of design, music, film, photography, publishing and the internet. If you’re portfolio meets their selection criteria, you’re invited for a trial period of two weeks and if successful, receive a one year scholarship. 

Good to know: Travel expenses during the trial period are not covered. If granted a one year scholarship, flights, accommodation, weekly lunch, a living stipend and health insurance is taken care of. The only catch is that you have to be under 25 years old. Find out more here


Pina Bausch Fellowship for Dance and Choreography 

If you’re a dancer or choreographer who is looking to develop and enrich your creative practice by working with another artist, then this might be of interest. What makes this fellowship unique, is that you get to propose who you’d like to collaborate with. This can be a renowned choreographer, ensemble or training institution. The onus is on you to contact your cooperating partner and have your planned project confirmed in a “letter of intent” before applying. If you’re looking for temporary residence at dance institutions, a non-paid placement with a choreographer or to study dance techniques with pioneering practitioners, then this is for you.

Good to know: Each fellowship is between three to six months. A monthly allowance of €2.500 and one-time travel expenses are included. Find our more here


Image from Pina Bausch Foundation

Institute for Provocation (IFP)

Based in Beijing, the IFP creates work that seeks to answer the question; what can alternative forms of artistic and architectural research contribute to society as a whole and what kind of organizational forms can be established to accommodate these processes? Research and design projects around public space, specifically linked to narratives about the city are of particular interest. This is geared towards creatives, whose practise pushes the boundaries between architecture, art and design. 

Good to know: Residencies last six months. Money for travel, production and per diem needs to be raised by you but this is done in collaboration with IFP. View their website for details. 



This independent live electronic music centre is in the Netherlands and dedicates its time and resources to performers, musicians and visual artists, who are into developing music technologies and for performance, healthcare, education or new electronic work. Steim is the place to go if you’re wanting to create new live electronic concepts. 

Good to know: You’ve gotta pay for everything. Click here for details. 


Kyoto Art Centre 

Are you a researcher or artist who has a vexation with Kyoto? This residency supports artists who aim to develop their artistic expression from exposure to Japanese culture. Special emphasis is placed on community engagement, so you’ll be expected to give presentations, exhibitions, performances, lectures or workshops depending on your discipline. 

Good to know: Residencies last for a maximum of three months, accommodation, a studio and a 200,000 Japanese Yen grant is provided for production and/or research. Go here for more. 


Fleetstreet Theatre Hamburg

The Fleetstreet residence program is designed to support groups of artists working in the medium of performance art. It aims to help them develop one or more projects, within a reasonable budget, and make it public at the theatre. This residency favours performances that are more multidisciplinary in approach.

Good to know: Residencies last from one to six months. This includes theatre usage, accommodation and a cash grant of €1.000. Visit their site for details. 


The Blitz Residency 

Interested in working in a studio that’s a 400 year old Valletta townhouse in Malta? The Blitz Residency is aimed at artists working in digital media. If you’re successful you’ll be required to showcase your production or project to the public. This is for you if the ubiquitous presence of digital culture is a preoccupation in your work, or if you’re a researcher articulating trends in trans-disciplinary practises and cross-media.

Good to know: You’ve got to pay for day to day living expenses but support with materials and equipment can be negotiated. Go here for more info. 


Zarya Artist-in-Residence

This Russian residency is open to artists working in any medium. The programme aims to provide interaction between representatives of different nations and cultures and to encourage the development of local art in the Far East. As a resident you’re expected to give an introductory lecture, provide an additional event and submit your final artworks to the ZARYA CCA collection (the number can be negotiated). 

Good to know: Residencies last one to two months. You receive a development grant of 40 000 rubles, compensation for travel of €240 and partial compensation for project materials of €110. Go here for details. 


Land Art Mongolia 

LAM 360° wants to entice a discourse on cultural and social policy that incorporates environmental and social sustainability. This biennial art festival pays tribute to Mongolia’s incredible landscapes while still considering the country’s nomadic traditions. It’s an ideal residency for land artists, who are looking to collaborate and immerse themselves within local communities. 

Good to know: The only thing you have to pay for is your airfare. Accommodation, food, local transport, support for your final exhibition and catalogue as well as translator is taken care of. Visit here for more. 


Kiosk Galeria

Keen on making art in South America? The Kiosk Galeria residency, situated in Bolivia, is geared towards contemporary artists. Participants are strongly encouraged to take risks within their own practise.  Film, multi-media, fine art, performance, textile, printmaking and curators are invited to apply. 

Good to know: The residency is between one to two months. Living and production costs are covered, as well as costs related to the exhibition. This includes flights within Bolivia and 50% of international flight costs are paid for. Click here for more details. 


AICA Austria Residency for Art Critics

Finally, a residency for art critics! Stay in Vienna in a building designed by Hunderrwasser. While immersing yourself in the arts scene, you’ll be expected to present a semi-public talk on SA’s local art industry, in addition to an informal talk towards the end of your stay that provides insights and observations from your experience in Austria.

Good to know: The duration is one month. You need at least five years of consistent publishing on contemporary or fine art. Flights are paid for and €1000 stipend is provided. Visit here for more.


Hodder Fellowships & Fellowships in the Creative and Performing Arts (FCPA)

Keen on spending a year at Princeton at The Lewis Centre for the Arts? The application process is quite intense but if you’re chosen, you get to spend a year immersing yourself in a range of programs from creative writing, dance, theatre, visual arts, film and video. The centre also has close links to the Centre for African American Studies, School of Architecture and Department of Music. All accomplished and practising artists are invited to apply. 

Good to know: The fellowship is between one to two years. Hodder fellows receive a $68,000 stipend while Creative and Performing Arts Fellows receive a salary of  $75,000. For a detailed look at their program, click here


Tsung-Yeh Artist Village

This is for you if you’re into graphic design, jewellery design, fashion, architecture or ceramics. The Tsung-Yeh Arts and Culture Centre is popular venue for cultural activities in the area. The residency invites artists to utilise traditional crafts and involve the community during their stay by organizing cultural events and activities that include local residents. 

Good to know: The residency is for two to three months. Accommodation, living and working costs are partly subsidized with 30,000 NTD per month. Visit here for more. 


Getty Scholar Grants

If you’re a researcher who is distinguished in your field, then here’s the chance to pursue your own projects without academic obligations. Head to LA and stay at the Getty Research Institute and receive full access to its vast collection of resources.

Good to know: Residency duration is from three to nine months. A stipend of up to $65,000 per year will be awarded based on length of stay, need, and salary. The grant also includes an office at the Getty Research Institute or the Getty Villa, research assistance, an apartment in the Getty scholar housing complex, airfare to and from Los Angeles, and makes healthcare options available. Click here for more. 


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