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We’re counting down till Endless Daze

We can’t wait to head out of the city and up the West Coast for the inaugural Endless Daze psych rock music festival. This small-scale event will cater to approximately 2500 people and offers a stellar lineup of over 20 local acts and two international acts: Froth (USA) and The KVB (UK). 

From 11 – 13 November 2016, Endless Daze will make its seaside home in the beautiful coastal setting of Silwerstroom Resort on the West Coast. The festival grounds will roll out of fynbos and onto the beach, making this festival a feast for the eyes and soul.

The line-up is set for the main stage over Friday evening and all of Saturday, with the addition of a smaller acoustic stage on Saturday; leaving Sunday to rest and soak in the beautiful setting.

Endless Daze is the love child of Vans and the Psych Night team, which began throwing psych rock parties back in 2012. Ahead of what promises to be a whole new kind of festival experience, we caught up with the Psych Night guys to find out how it all came about. 



Psych Night team. Image by Dirk Steenkamp

Who’s the team behind Psych Night making it all happen?  

Psych Night is made up of Simon Berndt, Mark Reitz, Andre Leo, Raoul Goetze and Micah Donnoli.

How did the idea for a psych rock festival on the beach first come about? 

We never had the outright intention for it to be at the beach, but the cards fell in a way that it was the obvious choice for us. With each site visit, Silwerstroom has grown more and more as the perfect venue for our first outdoor event and we are so excited to call it home for Endless Daze.

How will Endless Daze continue and extend the Psych Night experience?

It was always our intention to bring our ‘club’ shows into the outdoors, but we realised early on that it would take a lot of hard work and dedication to develop Psych Night into an entity that could carry its weight on a bigger scale. We wanted a playground, of sorts, that would provide us with the freedom to create an immersive environment where people can fall back into, and truly experience a psychedelic rock culture. The inception of Psych Night ushered in the intention of making a party the we wanted to go to, and the festival is essentially a much grander version of this. Fortunately, over the years there seems to be a growing consciousness that shares our vision. 

The location for this event looks absolutely dreamy. How did you get the go-ahead to host a music festival in a nature reserve?

Well, if you ask anyone in the eventing business about hosting a show (never mind a festival) on the West Coast, they will most likely have a chuckle and wish you good luck. Rightfully so, the West Coast district is notoriously hard to secure a venue for an event of this nature. However, with a considered and mindful outset we managed to get the right people involved who realised the intention and value of what we are trying to achieve.

Please tell us about the lineup – what criteria did you use in curating it? 

This was one of the most challenging parts of Endless Daze, and it was only when we sat down and gazed upon the abundance of local talent available, that we realise the task at hand. Being our first festival, we eventually settled on acts that we have developed relationships with since our beginning. With our smaller shows, you’ll find us trying to cram as many acts as possible into one lineup. This was simply because we wanted to showcase an array of bands that would normally be split over a more general and ‘entertainment friendly’ lineup, something common with the bigger festivals. Not to knock these festivals, but we want to show that the ‘experimental’ guys can hold their own in a lineup that isn’t studded with bigger names.

Any acts you’re particularly excited about? 

We’re most excited to see all our favourite acts play consecutively for days on end! Our international guests are always a highlight, as it gives some freshness to our local audience, and a musical experience that they may not experience, or at least any time soon. We are also really proud to have Kalahari Surfers play the festival, as the creator of the band (Warrick Sony) is historically somewhat of a stalwart in the South African music scene.

You’ve pioneered the psych rock music scene in Cape Town and the rest of the country since 2012. What’s this scene all about? 

Making music for the people, by the people! That may seem general, but what we mean is that it carries the essence of originality. Obviously this is applicable to many variants of music, but we’ve always intended to make a platform where artists have a sense of freedom, without commercial restraint, to show there is value in making music that is honest and enjoyable to the people making it. The psych ‘scene’ was pioneered in the Woodstock era, but what was ‘free love’ and ‘anti government’ has developed into the appreciation of not giving a shit, doing whatever floats your boat and speaking from the heart, whether it be from a bedroom or a recording studio: the neo-psychedelic movement and a collective like-mindedness. 

What do you hope people will take away form this festival experience? 

Firstly, a great experience which encapsulates a well-defined and curated environment that will make people look at things a little differently (in a good way). And to encourage a movement that is not shy; one that carries with it the confidence to be a bit left-of-centre.

Book tickets for Endless Daze

11 – 13 November 2016 // Silwerstroom Nature Resort, 40 minutes from Cape Town // Tickets include camping for the weekend.

Keep an eye on our site for band interviews and other highlights ahead of the festival. 

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Vans shoot credits: Photographer: Ian Engelbrecht // Stylist: Olga Kotova // Models: Anya Bruwer & Kelly Jean Egan

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