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Grace de Kroon blends vulnerability with power in her intimate portrait series ‘For the Women’

Grace De Kroon is a Cape Town based art director, stylist and burgeoning photographer. Her latest photographic series titled ‘For the Women’ communicates a feminist ethos of self acceptance. The young creative believes in challenging traditional standards of female beauty by photographing her subjects in an honest and untouched way.

“In real life there is no airbrushing and touching up. Since I have come to accept the things about my body that seem to be unworthy for magazine covers, I felt it was so important to engage with other women who want to show beauty in a realistic way,” she explains.


Her first set of portraits feature artist Sarah Zimmerman, who she looks up to for her positive acceptance of her body. Sarah’s eczema and body hair are put on proud display as positive traits that make her inimitable rather than imperfect. The shoot took place in the personal setting of a pristine pink bathroom.

“I like the fact that pink is so often perceived as a ‘girly girl’ colour. Its such a stereotypical colour that is often thrown on women because ‘girls have pink and boys have blue’,” Grace expresses. The artist reclaims the hyper-feminine colour in her series, redefining it as subversive and powerful. 

View the series below an find more of Grace’s photography on Instagram and Tumblr.  

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