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Psyched: 9 bands we’re looking forward to at Endless Daze

The inaugural Endless Daze psych rock music festival is just over two weeks away. We’re counting down the days till this boutique festival, which is presented by Vans and Psych Night. Set to take place 40 minutes outside of Cape Town at the Silwerstroom Nature Resort on the West Coast, this intimate event has is ticking all the right boxes (except diversity, which is left somewhat wanting) and is sure to become a new fixture on the SA festival calendar. Here’re some of the bands we’re looking forward to seeing at the festival. 

Retro Dizzy

Originally from Hermanus, this surf punk rock band evoke crashing waves and the ocean breeze in their sound. Their trippy videos have caught our eye in the past, and we’re looking forward to seeing them perform their psychedelic set at an outdoor venue by the sea. Find out more about them on Facebook and listen via Bandcamp.


One of two international headliners set to play Endless Daze, we can’t wait to hear The KVB with their minimalist shoegaze sound. Hailing from the UK, this down-tempo duo are sure to be a highlight with their moody visuals and heavy reverb. Find out more via the band’s website.

The Deathrettes

With their garage groove sounds, and revved up stage presence, we’re excited to see the Cape Town band take to the stage in an outdoor setting. Read an interview with the guys here and find out more about the band on Facebook

Black Math

Hailing from Durban, this three-piece garage/psych/punk/heavy metal band describe their sound as “raw, unforgiving and will punch you in the face when you least expect it”. Vehemently against anything mainstream, the trio are all about staying true to their sound and vibe. Listen to them on Bandcamp and find out more on Facebook

Felix Laband

The godfather of SA experimental electronic music, we can’t wait to see Felix Laband play live again. If his recent Tikno Session mix is anything to go by, his set should be interesting, in the good way.


Hailing from Soweto in Jozi, this seven piece afro psychedelic band makes music that’s all about demystifying views of modern Africa. Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness’s ethos is to make music for the people, by the people, with the people. Their soulful groove sounds will be a treat amidst the other bands. Find out more about BCUC on Facebook.

Bye Beneco 

The Joburg-based eclectic dream-pop three-piece Bye Beneco make music to dance to and open your mind’s eye (so they say). We’re keen to put them to the test at Endless Daze. Find out more about this boho band on Facebook

Medicine Boy

Dream noise duo, Medicine Boy have enchanted us with their haunting sounds for some time now. Fresh off the back of a European tour, the band is sure to mesmerise at Endless Daze with their moody melodies and charged stage presence. Read our profile on the duo here, and find out more on Facebook. 

Kalahari Surfers

Protest poetry meets experimental sounds, the Kalahari Surfers is the string of studio projects by Warrick Sony created at Shifty Studios during the 80s. It’ll be a treat to see this SA music legend live on stage. Find our more about the Kalahari Surfers on Facebook and listen to the discography on Bandcamp

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