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Meet Kat Kali: An illustrated Q&A

Durban-based illustrator, Kat Kali‘s whimsical and weird world is infused with neon colours and pop-hippy motifs. She decided to focus full time on her illustration just over a year ago, saying “I’ve done my fair share of flopping about, living on prints and having mini existential crises/just being AMAZED at the absurdity of spending my life doodling.” We caught up with Kat to get to know her a little more. Follow Kat on Instagram to see more of her work. 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up each morning?

Depending on the day, I either snuggle Eli Moon my love child and/or Biggie my dream boy…  But invariably, I don my kimono and drink tea in bed while contemplating my good fortune. 


What does it look like inside your head?

Like Golden Haze by Wild Nothing on magic mushrooms. 


How do you get your creative juices flowing?

By bringing myself totally into the present moment and into peace of mind. Different things help me do this at different times. Breath work. Yoga. Sex. Transcendental meditation. Loud music. Dancing. Swimming in the sea. Being conscious of space. Star gazing. Sometimes just staring into the sky and having a cup of tea and smoke while sitting on my window ledge. If shit’s been real, or I’m working late on a Friday night, it’s wine, weed or a combination of both. 


What does boredom look like?

I rarely get bored. But when it hits it’s usually late on a Sunday. That weird in between twilight zone… Where it isn’t quite the weekend anymore or the new week. And you’re too fatigued from having fun to do anything about it. It’s still pretty luxurious though.


Living in Durban is like…

Lazily making out with Grimes in a coconut grove while still high from rolling at her open air concert. Sugary, hot and psychedelic.


A day well spent is a day with…

The awareness of how fucking fragile and astoundingly precious life is. Staying mindful that any day now I will be dead in the ground. And as such, choose to move through the world with joy and share as much love and appreciation with those close to me as I possibly can, from one moment to the next. 


Who would play you in a movie about your life? 

K-STEW. Thick gangsta-nerd vibes.


What’s your secret ambition?

To sing jazzy electro hip hop blues, while sitting atop a Steinway, at Rothschild-esque garden parties, dressed in long sequinned gowns and crowns made of taxidermied rabbit ears and peonies. Somewhere in space and time, this is already happening. 


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