Introducing Artclub and Friends: A curated “artwear” label

Artclub and Friends is a curated artwear label founded by Robyn Keyser. The name is an ode to the creative kids she grew up with who did what they loved, avoided trends and always had paint in their hair. After working in the local fashion industry, Robyn realised there was a missing link in the form of a label that was local, affordable and accessible.

This inspired her to find a way to create a platform for new talent and grow the local fashion industry whilst remaining authentic, environmentally friendly and collaborating with others. Robyn tells us, “I want to know what is going on in my customers’ world and come up with ways to make it better. An example of this is addressing gender through colour and shape. As someone who has worn men’s clothing for the majority of my life, I understand a small part of how clothing can suppress and contain you. In making gender neutral and free-fitting garments, I encourage my customers to buy what they love and not what they’re expected to love. Nothing is listed by gender.”

All the clothing is designed by Robyn and produced by team of womxn in Cape Town using locally sourced fabrics. Many of the designs come to her in the middle of night and get scribbled on a note pad or serviette and months later, make their way into production. “I like the idea that I don’t design for a specific person in mind. I like to create a feeling, and if it resonates with someone, I think that’s an example of good design”, she says.

The Artclub and Friends launch party is happening on Friday, 4 November at The Work Hub in Woodstock from 6:30pm – 2am.

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Cover image by Steph Spowart. Promo teaser by Georgina Warner Films.

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