Lorenzo Plaatjies uses his phone to illustrate longing and loneliness

“In most of these pieces I tried to reflect longing and sadness. I was really inspired by music as well as other artists, especially painters who focus on surrealism or pop culture in their work,” says Lorenzo Plaatjies, the artist who’s ranked 6 in the digital art category on Behance.

His experimentation with the medium began with mixtape covers. “I started drawing mixtape covers for myself on my phone. They were terrible, but that’s when I realised that there’s a community of people who are doing some pretty cool work on their phones. Ever since then, I’ve been sketching in my free time, like whenever I’m alone and not studying,” he explains. 

Ironically, the themes Lorenzo addresses are partly symptomatic of the very medium he uses to create his work. The golden tears allude to the fact that wealth doesn’t buy happiness and virtual reality brings pleasurable escape at the price of intimacy. 

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