Bubblegum: An intimate fashion film for Vintage and the City

“Bodies sharing stories, abandoned concrete and used gum,” is how ‘Bubblegum’ director, Emilie Badenhorst describes the short-film. 
It also refers to the name of the store, Vintage in the City, whose clothing was used in the film. Part of the inspiration comes from the idea that second hand garments have invisible stories that new owners have no knowledge of, yet they still wear them. Sharing and giving clothing a second life is an intimate act infrequently thought about. 
The way fabric shapes our bodies and what a garment or style might say about us is endless. Stylistically, the film showcases a combination of looks spanning the 70s, 80s, 90s and now. ‘Bubblegum’, says Emilie, was shot over two days and edited the next without any budget. “We went to the clothing store, Vintage and the City and we told them we’d like to create something for them, using their clothes…the whole style thing is a key exploration at this point…it’s sensually driven and there will always be traces of intimacy,” adds Emilie. 
See more of Emilie’s film work on YouTube.


Director: Emilie Badenhorst / Assistant director: Brandon Blight / DOP: Jason Prins / First AC & Gaffer: Brandon Blight / Editor: Jason Prins / Executive Producer: Aden Ajam / Cast: Phoebe Alice Ritchie, Jamie-Lee Money, Isabella Meyer, Aden Ajam / Soundtrack: Bye Beneco-Chemirocha / Special thanks: 12eleven studios & The corner party shop

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