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Top 5 x Samukelisiwe Dube

To celebrate the first global creative platform for NB Lifestyle, New Balance South Africa is releasing a three-part video series centred on the idea that numbers speak louder than words. In this clip we’re introduced to Samukelisiwe Dube, the owner of Inkosazane, who turned her love for bead-work into a business. Watch it below and read our countdown Q&A with Sam.  

Tell us about 5 of your favourite beading patterns and what they symbolise.

1) Diamonds. They represent females. 2) A lot of small squares. They represent fruitfulness. My meanings found in the colours I use. 3) White which represents purity. 4) Yellow which stands for prosperity/wealth and 5) Red which represents passion and love.

List 4 words that best describe you.

Ambitious, inspired, caring and colorful


Who are the 3 most inspiring women in your life and why?

1) My Great Grandmother (MaDlamini). She was a woman of passion and taught me to love and appreciate my culture. She also taught me how to bead. 2) My mother. She continues to inspire everyday on how to be innovative with your craft. She’s created a reputable brand of herself that inspires so many people. 3) Myself as to how I can always appreciate my culture and my craft and not be easily swayed by “trends and trying to fit in” with society in order to gain this fallacy of “approval” that so many people strive for. I just want to do me in the best possible way.

What are 2 things you wish you’d known before you started your own business?

1) People will always try to make imitations of your work, so you need to constantly develop your products. 2) You will not always receive credit/respect where it’s deserved but don’t let that get you down

What’s the 1 thing that keeps you ‘always in beta’?


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