Piecing together memory: A stunning look at the multi-layered artworks of Sitaara Stodel

Cape Town-based fine artist Sitaara Stodel works across a variety of media including video, collage and photography, all of which inform one another.

“I majored in photography in my third year of study, and worked predominantly with film in the darkroom. In my fourth year at Michaelis, I wanted to make work about my experience with moving home a lot when I was a child. Although I love photographs, I felt that a photograph wouldn’t tell my story the way I wanted it to, and so I experimented with different mediums that still had a relationship with photography,” says the artist.  


Traditional physical collage is a key component of her artistic practice, with the artist citing the immediacy of the medium and the element of play it allows for as a platform for inspiration. 

“I use my own experiences as my inspiration. I find it much easier to work from my own experiences as it gives me the freedom to delve as deep as I want to into the subject matter without having to worry about crossing other people’s boundaries. I also find it quite therapeutic to make work about things that have directly impacted me,” Sitaara explains. “I tend to make collages about my memories, and memories are often blurred into each other, or fabricated from a photograph you saw or a dream you had. So for me, the surrealist nature of collage lends to the work I create around memory.”

Her analog photographs, like her photo-montages, possess an inherent nostalgia. The colours, textures and aesthetics of a past era’s printed photograph capture a sense of history.

View Sitaara’s works below and find more by the artist here

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