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A different perspective: $hlomonde’s captivating digital illustrations

“I guess with a lot of my serious work I’m depicting the world from a different perspective. Different to what the normal eye sees or what the normal mind thinks,” says graphic designer and digital artist Nomonde Mtetwa who goes by the alias of ‘$hlohmonde’.

This different perspective is evident in the work she produces, which bursts with colour and innovation and brings a fresh and unique look to familiar imagery. $hlohmonde’s unique style as a graphic designer and digital artist best shines through in her diversity of artistic skills which includes graffiti and even printed t-shirts.

Although her entrepreneurial interests and artistic talents foresee a prosperous future, for now – as one of her Instagram posts reads – “I’m trying to get noticed for all my great work”, and whether it was meant half-heartedly or not, $hlohmonde is an artist whose work is certainly making itself known across the country. 

Check it out below and find more by $hlomonde on Instagram. 



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