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Joburg through the eye of the Iger: A look at the photographs of Christy Strever

Christy Strever is a Johannesburg-based photographer and founder of Igerbook, a coffee table book comprising of striking images from South African based photographers.

The concept behind the book is simple – anyone who has an Instagram account and an eye for capturing the moment can be a part of it. The first book of the series titled ‘Johannesburg through the eyes of Igers’ is sponsored by Liberty and will be donating all funds raised to the IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area) to aid in conservation of bird life.

Christy captures Johannesburg in unique and surprising ways, not limiting herself to any one location. She photographs everything from the majestic skyscrapers and urban scenes seen in the Central Business District to the tall trees, lakes and greenery of suburban parks, always playing with natural light.

We speak with Christy on how she goes about photographing her fantastic landscapes and cityscapes in and around the metropolis. 


How has Instagram changed your relationship with photography?

Instagram has made my work even better than it was before! I’m very competitive so I’m always out to be better than the next person. When I started following top accounts on Instagram it forced me to improve my work and learn new things. Without Instagram I would still be stuck thinking my work was good when it needed major improvement.

How much inspiration do you derive from the space you live in?

I find inspiration wherever I go, be it in the garden or at the beach, there is beauty everywhere. If you look hard enough you will find it. The flowers in the afternoon light, the bubbles in the waves as they hit the shore, the leaves in the forest as the light pierces through them. It’s everywhere.

Which places in the city have been your favourite shooting sites so far and why?

I love Braamfontein, I’m not a very strong street photographer but in Braam I always get at least one winner shot! I can say the same for any of the parks I go to…Zoo Lake or Emmerentia. Another good spot is the Reef Hotel in town, they don’t charge you to take pics from their rooftop as long as you order a drink there.


Describe an ideal day of shooting around the city?

An ideal day would be when there are a ton of dramatic clouds! Clouds make a huge impact on whether a picture is good or great. And they always make for a stunning sunset too!

What elements and characteristics of a space or an environment influence you most?

Being outdoors…in a forest or on a beach…I love the animals in the forests, I love the sun trying to break through the trees, the sounds. Everything about forests and the bush-veld make me a very happy being. I will make sure I can find whatever I can and turn it into a great photo (easier said than done, but I try).

emmerentia lonehill-park  zoolake braamfontein-1 

You can get your own copy of the Igerbook here

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