Efflorescent Cherry: An otherworldly analog photoseries by Matt Slater

Matt Slater is a Cape Town based photographer who captures raw and sensitive photographs on film. His process of creating work, he explains, involves engaging with more archaic photographic practices; working with analogue cameras and in the darkroom.

“The workflow I use is very intuition-based and experimental. The darkroom allows the work process to be meditative and by using alternative printing methods in my image making; the work opens itself up to ‘flaws’ and irregularities; creating an alluring quality through spontaneity,” says the artist of his process.

In his ethereal body of work, Efflorescent Cherry, Matt explores the beauty of imperfection and the traces of human touch and its anomalies. Inspired by the Japanaese aesthetic and worldview Wabi-Sabi, he seeks to find beauty in imperfection and depth in nature and its cycle of growth, decay and death. Ideas of impermanence, the acceptance of transience, and the serenity that comes with the process of ageing are confronted in this photographic series.

Scroll through Efflorescent Cherry below and find more of his beautiful imagery here


Between 10 and 5