#ARTANDBLING: A surrealist series of fashion photo collages inspired by René Magritte

Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.”-René Magritte

Johannesburg-based creatives Lezanne Viviers, Daisie Jo, Hanro Havenga and Sibella Weber come together to produce a fantastical series of digital collages titled #ARTANDBLING. The series, comprising photographs taken and reassembled to create visually dynamic hybrids, was inspired by a recent visit to René Magritte’s exhibition at the Pompidou centre in Paris. The team then came together to create engaging images borrowing themes from familiar surrealist paintings, featuring the high-end designer items of Marianne Fassler and Daisie Jo

In the same way that Magritte poses the question: “What’s revealed and what’s concealed?” so do these whimsical compositions.

“#ARTANDBLING reflects on the current zeitgeist with a focus on social media. Social media represents the present day ‘curtain’ which is drawn by the curator of the account in order to reveal or conceal what the curator chooses to disclose,” explains Lezanne.

Like Magritte’s theatrical curtain motif, the screen forms the visual obstacle between our eyes and the world, which could be used to hide or reveal images that the the curator selects to create or display. 



Concept and Art Direction: Lezanne Viviers
Photographer: Hanro Havenga
Model: Megs Woolley
Styling: Daisie Jo Grobler and Lezanne Viviers
Make-up: Annice Make-up and Sibella Weber
Post-Production: Lezanne Viviers
Clothing: MARIANNE FASSLER, Daisie Jo, stylist’s own
Inspired Art: Georgina Gatrix and Marlene Steyn 


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