Everyday life in dreamy colour documented by Paige Furness

A Durban-based artist, Paige Furness is a photographer with a life-long interest in making visual records of moments. 

“I remember being a small kid at a wedding robbing the guests of their complimentary disposables. Other than that I’ve been interested for as long as I can remember, and started figuring out I want to pursue it, for real, in the last two years or so. I just kept doing it, and kept becoming more sure it was the thing I liked doing the most,” she recollects.

Her work essentially reads as a visual diary of her life. Her portraits of loved ones and landscapes capture and crystalise the beauty of the everyday. What lends her images their distinctive dreamy quality are the ethereal rainbow hues that often comprise her colour palette. Gear-wise, the photographer shoots on a Fuji x70, her phone and a Pentax point-and-shoot camera, the low-fi quality of which have attractive stylistic effects.

For Paige, photography means a variety of things: “Sometimes it means telling someone I love them and sometimes it means commemorating an experience at a place. It’s probably always about expressing and communicating, in the way I think that works best for me.”

See more of her work below and on Instagram.

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