Photographic vignettes capturing everyday life by Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose

Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose is a visual storyteller based in Cape Town whose mediums are photography and film. His candid images are raw and natural while still maintaining a dynamic cinematic quality. The young artist’s approach to taking photographs is spontaneous – he carries a point-and-shoot camera wherever he goes, ready to capture the transience and intrigue of his daily life.

His passion, he says, was passed down to him by his parents, who recorded his upbringing in family photographs.

“My interest in photography was inherited from both my parents who obsessively documented my childhood with point and shoot camera and a video recorder at school activities, private family functions and family vacations. Essentially any occasion that had any significant meaning where visuals demanded to be captured and treasured.”

He also cites other people and the landscape that surrounds him as forms of inspiration. “Everyday people inspire me, as well as the nuances of individuality and quirks of natural beauty. Other than people, I am deeply inspired by architecture and the juxtaposition between industrialisation and the rawness of nature,” he explains. 

See reflections of Luvuyo’s everyday life and travels in a series of poetic photographs below. 

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