Ulfah Davids shatters gender binaries with this striking neon lookbook

Ulfah Davids, new women’s-wear head designer at Twobop, recently teamed up with Buck Whaley and Kyle Weeks, to shoot this flourescent lookbook. Like her previous range, the garments are boxy and white with deliberate paint splatters, except this time, she’s ventured into gender-fluid territory. 

“The way I view this is a re-imagining of the intersection between gender and fashion – essentially, a redefining of what it means to be a woman, and expressing oneself however one chooses to,” says Buck. “Ulfah gathers her inspiration from workman’s wear – the aesthetic of the average working class man. In a nutshell, she is inspired by everyday people who go unnoticed by the typical passer-by.”

The low-angled shots deconstruct the audience’s gaze creating a power-play between the subject and its viewers. Buck’s poses challenge traditional stances struck by female models and leave us contemplating how and why fashion has been unfairly gendered for so long. 

View the full lookbook below and follow Ulfah on Twitter

Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids Ulfah Davids

Credits: Clothing: Ulfah Davids / Stylist: Seraaj Semaar / Photographer: Kyle Weeks / Model: Buck Whaley

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