Surreal and imaginative graphic artworks by Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison is a Johannesburg-based artist currently in her final year of Graphic Design at the University of Pretoria. Similar to a diary, her surreal and evocative illustrations take inspiration from little absurdities and unusual juxtapositions and from her everyday life, giving a glimpse into her unusual imagination. She often produces work around the theme of self-acceptance. 

The artist has always had an affinity for the arts. “I grew up in a creative household and have been drawing from a young age. I mainly produce work for myself as I find it a good outlet for my melancholy disposition. Drawing is my form of meditation and so it is only recently that I have begun sharing my work. I still find it a little nerve wrecking!” she shares. 

Her beautifully simple illustrations are a mix of digital and hand-drawn elements, “I love both minimalism as well as intricate details in my illustrations. I sketch my ideas first and use pen and ink or I work digitally. Photoshop and my Wacom are my favourite tools. However, I still enjoy the simplicity of graphite.”

She is currently working on a series of digital illustrations titled ‘Hung up’, which is a reference to her worrying obsession with clothes. See more of her work below and on Instagram.

Between 10 and 5