A visual record of grief and absence by Nombuso Bhogolo

In her evocative photo essay The death of my grandparents, Cape Town based photographer Nombuso Bhogolo tells of her and her family’s process of grieving the passing of her dearly loved grandparents. She took the below series of analog photographs of her nephews, younger brother and aunt in her hometown Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga, to embody this mourning and their absence aesthetically. 

“For death has taken its place, where else it has no place, my grandparents shall never again appear in family portraits or be in the family album. Absence and loneliness awakened me to take images of the aftermath. My grandparents raised me with love as their first and eldest granddaughter,” Nombuso states of her experience of loss. 

The visual artist is currently studying a multimedia degree at the Academy of Digital Arts. To keep up to date with her work follow her on Instagram. 

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