The films we’re excited to see at the 2017 Design Indaba FilmFest

The Design Indaba FilmFest has carved out a spot as a showcase for premiering a stellar selection of feature films and short films never-before-seen on the continent.

Kicking off in Cape Town on Wednesday 1 March at the Artscape Theatre Centre in the Central Business District, the screenings will take place over four nights. The impetus behind their yearly program is to celebrate storytellers from all over the world and this year proves no different, from documentaries to indies, an array of gems are up on the lineup. 

Ahead of the festivities, we’re sharing our pick of four must-sees:  

The Happy Film

The Happy Film features famed graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Directed by Stefan Sagmeister himself, along with Ben Nabors and Hillman Curtis, the autobiographical documentary follows Stefan’s wild and unsettling pursuit to define and capture happiness. In the feature-length film, Sagmeister undergoes a series of self-experiments outlined by popular psychology to test, once and for all, if it’s possible for a person to have a meaningful impact on their own happiness.

The Happy Film will be screened at the Artscape Piazza on 1 March at 6.30pm. Book your ticket here

William Kentridge: The Collaborative Artist

William Kentridge: The Collaborative Artist is a candid behind the scenes documentary by Design Indaba. In the film, the prominent South African artist shares insights about his creative process and the nature of his long-term collaborations with artists including composer Phillip Miller, film editor Catherine Meyburgh and choreographer Dada Masilo, all of whom have helped bring his film, opera and theater productions, as well as installation work to life. 

Design Indaba announces its new documentary on William Kentridge on 1 March at 9pm Book your ticket here

Ants on a Shrimp

Ants on a Shrimp, a documentary directed by Maurice Dekkers, follows visionary Danish chef and co-owner of esteemed restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, as him and his team relocate to Japan to set up a five-week pop-up in Tokyo. The film is an ample behind-the-scenes look at the cross cultural journey, presenting to viewers the many challenges and risks involved in achieving an all-new, 14 course menu foraged from local sources in a foreign country.

Ants on a Shrimp will be screened at the Artscape Piazza on 3 March at 6:30pm. Book your ticket here

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals is a 2016 American neo-noir psychological thriller written, co-produced, and directed by Tom Ford. The feature film is a reworking of Austin Wright’s 1993 novel, Tony and Susan and features mesmerising performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. Amy plays an art gallery owner, Susan Morrow, and Jake her estranged ex-husband, Edward Sheffield. In the film, which is a narrative with in a narrative, Susan receives a manuscript for a novel penned by Edward, a murderous thriller that she becomes consumed by and interprets as a disguised threat to her. The film mimics the mood of Hitchcock in terms of cinematic style, tension and suspense. 

Nocturnal Animals will be screened at The Labia Theater in Gardens on 4 March at 6.15pm. Book your ticket here

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