Fine artist Nabeeha Mohamed layers colour and texture to elevate the everyday

Nabeeha Mohamed is a Cape Town-based artist and Michaelis School of Fine Art graduate whose energetic artworks command attention. Her approach to painting is expressive – big swathes of bright colour on canvas infuse her commonplace subject matter with a unique vibrancy. Prolific painters such as Mary Tillman Smith, Rose Wylie and Henry Taylor inspire her salient aesthetic.

The artist also prizes the arduous act of painting above the outcome. 

“Even when I’ve achieved something in a painting and I can stand back and look at it and say, ‘ooh, that’s nice’, it almost always tends to be overshadowed by other parts of the piece that don’t seem to be working. It’s not so much about being hypercritical as it is about always having something to tackle and figure out,” she explains.   

See the artist’s semi-abstract studies of still lifes and landscapes below and be sure to follow her on Instagram

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