Learn the alphabet in isiZulu through these lively lino prints by Siya Masuku

Soweto-born graphic designer Siya Masuku has designed a lively illustrated alphabet book to help children learn isiZulu at primary level. Each letter has an original artwork around it and all are full of movement and life.

A conversation with his mother, a long-time teacher at Emseni Primary School, sparked the idea for the book.

“We spoke about the shortage of books at her school. Even more concerning for her was the lack of books written in the children’s mother tongues,” explains Siya. “I had illustrated, as a personal project, some animals at the time. Using them to make a picture book with the aim of teaching a language sounded interesting and proved to be a challenge worth pursuing.”

The artist cites his inspirations as wide-ranging, “My childhood influences. A blind good luck to be born without a physical disability. The advantages I’ve received from family and friends. The formal and informal schooling that I’ve been fortunate to have. I also draw inspiration from what I write,” he explains.

Check out some of the artist’s illustrations below and find more of his work over here.  



Between 10 and 5