Teboho Mahlatsi directs Amstel’s new thrilling TVC ‘The Pursuit’

A latest TVC by Bomb Productions ‘The Pursuit’ is based on the simple act of stopping to think and ponder our choices in order to make better decisions. The commercial was filmed on a rooftop bar in Braamfontein, Johannesburg under the direction of Tebobo Mahlatsi. The hero of our story embarks on an adventure to get his hands on a bottle of Amstel and through his actions illustrates that The Only Choice is Slow Brewed Extra Mature.

Mahlatsi describes the character of the humble protagonist as a three dimensional hero who has a passionate soul. “He takes but also gives back – and the universe favors him. His style and class also contrasts well with the gritty city location.” 

The newest campaign is fresh and fun showing us the positive outcome of a good brand and fantastic agency working together to serve both a product and creativity to its viewers. 


Between 10 and 5