Carey Chanquin

Gurly: a peripheral portrait of Cape Town by Carey Chanquin

Carey Chanquin’s first series of photographic work, Gurly, is a portrait of Cape Town unseen. A glance at the road behind you, a glimpse of graffiti on a wall, and a view of the sky seeping into a ubiquitous horizon, are part of a large vocabulary of urban images familiar to us. Besides the title of the series, there’s nothing that distinctly suggests she’s captured Cape Town.  
“I think the series is inspired by a little bit of everything in our daily everyday lives. I try to capture moments or people in their most natural state. I also like to tell stories, so you could say that this series is based on the colours of city life, and the moods they can project onto people,” says Carey.
The feeling of familiar anonymity inspired by urban environments that’s evident in her work presents Cape Town in a different light and draws our attention to fleeting moments ignored by our direct vision. Any images you might usually associate with the Mother City are absent. Instead, she focuses on the periphery and her photographs become visual punctuation marks disrupting our line of site to offer a moment’s introspection from the busyness of daily life. 
Gurly opens on April 7. See Facebook for details. Follow Carey on Twitter.
Carey ChanquinCarey ChanquinCarey ChanquinCarey Chanquin  Carey Chanquin Carey Chanquin Carey Chanquin

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