Simple Pleasures: See through the minimalist lens of photographer Alex Oelofse

Passing through the Western Cape’s changing landscape, you will encounter an entrancing mix of isolated fields, empty deserts and infinite horizons beneath blue skies. Cape Town-based photographer Alex Oelofse‘s images bring a new perspective to these stark scenes. 

“I love a minimalist look. I’m extremely drawn to stark landscapes and working with either doing an intervention within them or simply capturing it as is,” he explains of his choice in subject matter. 

The 23 year old artist has a sense for abstractness which runs like a common thread through his body of work, lending his photographs a surreal quality. “I usually find most of my inspiration comes from being submersed in a new landscape, being out of my comfort zone or reading about something that I really connect with. This might sound odd but many of my shots I dream about and if I dream about it I feel a strong urge to go out and materialise it,” he expresses.

Thematically, he explores the wonder of water – its spiritual, meditative and cleansing properties as well as his distress regarding the depletion of its sources. The photographer states: “My areas of interest mostly revolve around the environment and a concern with what our future generations will experience and how things will change for them.” 

View the photo series below and see more of Alex’s work on Instagram.


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