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Your weekly dose of creative cool: a vegan friendly restaurant, a genderless party, and a dream-pop duo

Need to update your decor? Looking for a new vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant? This week’s creative cool has the answers. We’re keen to try a meal at Homage 1862, head to the Degenderates’ genderless party, see Carey Chanquin’s photography exhibition and hear four local acoustic artists at the Secret Gin Bar. 

Jewellery Design

Black Betty: The COAL Collection

Black Betty has launched their new diamond jewellery collection. The label says of their new collection that,  COAL turns into diamonds. It’s a spellbinding transformation that takes millions of years to occur, emerging from darkness deep within the earth to transfix us with the magical beauty of light. Every diamond in the collection is absolutely unique as a result of the handcrafting process”.  See more here.

Creative Cool


Love Milo

Needing to reupholster? Love Milo aims to produce a range of bespoke, contemporary South African decor and prints that reflect the country in a unique way. They’re selling these online by the meterage. Find pretty, shiny things to decorate your home and new fabric to fix that couch, here

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Eating Out

Homage 1862

Yasss! Cape Town has ANOTHER restaurant to delight the foodies – this time on Loop Street which, like Bree Street, is undergoing a rapid transformation. Homage 1862 caters for everyone but is of special interest to vegans and vegetarians. Make sure you try their delicious Summer closing menu before Autumn arrives and things get ‘heated’ in the kitchen. See more here.

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Events & Exhibitions 

Degenderates at the Woodstock Work Hub

This genderless party encourages partygoers to express themselves as individuals. Artistic expression, music, and energy will be shared among the Degenderate community. Break away from social norms and embrace the freedom to be whoever you want. See Facebook for more. 

Creative Cool

Youth Collective: Cosmic Phenomena

The Gin Bar on Wale Street will be playing host to its third Youth Collective event. Four Cape Town acoustic artists The Askaris, Orah & The Kites, BRYNN and Miles Sievwright will take to the stage to bring you a night of melancholic music. Get your tickets here.



Youth Collective: Cosmic Phenomena




















Gurly by Carey Chanquin

Carey Chanquin’s first body of work reveals Cape Town in a different light. “I think the series is inspired by a little bit of everything in our daily lives. I try to capture moments or people in their most natural state. I also like to tell stories, so you could say that this series is based on the colours of city life, and the moods they can project onto people,” she says. Accompanying her exhibition are beats supplied by Byron Coe, Hi, I’m K-$, David of Beat Sampras and Keith Virgo. See deets on Facebook

Creative Cool


Bougain Village

Bougain Village is a Durban based Dream-pop duo comprised of vocalist Loren de Vos and instrumentalist/producer Sean Ross. They formed just over a year ago and have since released five singles. Bougain Village are currently working on a full-length album and hope to gig around South Africa in the near future. 

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