Meet Stefanie Jason, 10and5’s new editor in chief

Hello 10and5 fam,
It’s around this time of year that I find change to be the most constant. Fresh forming mist on my morning bus ride’s window panes or the browning tree canopies across Joburg are obvious signals of it. Beyond the seasons – and unrest in South Africa’s political climate at the moment – April has a way of bringing with it the need to reorder. A need for newness.
Personally, the start of autumn always promises an extra year to my life. I’m writing this settled comfortably into my 30s. So as I grow older and make adjustments to my night creams and daily routines, this year, the new month took a drastic and welcomed turn: becoming editor in chief of 10and5.
Swapping the features writer and copy editor pen (or keyboard) for that of the editor’s feels natural. And having it happen through 10and5, a space that platforms and engages with creative culture – like a large part of my journalism has been dedicated to – feels right. Especially as it undergoes its own evolution. A meeting of metamorphoses.
What started in 2008 as a small, online publication; a passion project aimed at showcasing work from South Africa’s creative scene, has – almost a decade later – become a household name on the local cultural scene. Its audience has expanded tenfold, and its staff complement has grown too.
Once a platform for exhibiting creative craft (photography, visual art et cetera) and work made in specific industries, it now  engages with the broader creative landscape and those in it, features reviews, exciting multimedia content, and is behind annual editorial and event series such as Bayeza – which celebrates young South Africans across cultural sphere – and the Creative Womxn Conference, a gathering of remarkable womxn sharing experiences and building together.
So as I succeed a line of strong and talented female editors – what big shoes to fill! – I look forward to directing a space with the help of a dedicated team and network of freelancers. A space that is focused on being fun, intelligent, fresh and representative of narratives and people sometimes, if not often, neglected or misrepresented in mainstream media. And curating editorial that celebrates not only SA’s cultural scene but extends across the continent and diaspora.
Lastly, I anticipate adding personal touches as I go along, such as to 10and5’s site that relaunches its design this year. And initiate original monthly features – this month author Chaze Matakala interviews poet Koleka Putuma about her debut book and visual series – and editorial series, such as Undercover DJs, a weekly profile on people renowned in one field but could be equally celebrated for the music they mix, such as artist Tony Gum, who we featured on the site this week.
So here’s to changes ?
Stefanie Jason

Between 10 and 5