‘Otherworldly cool’ – Top 5 AfrikaBurn videos to get amped to for this year’s festival

As burners start prepping to trek to this year’s AfrikaBurn, which takes place annually in the Karoo, we take a trip down memory lane and revisit videos from past festivals. The event, a week long festival that organisers describe as “a spectacular result of the creative expression of a community of volunteers”, takes place from April 26. So whether you’re already assembling your outfit or are undecided if you should DM that friend-of-a-friend to buy a last-minute ticket, after watching these videos you’ll wish the week would hurry along so you could be there already!

AfrikaBurn – Befokte Kosche

Yaaas! This video makes us as excited as a kid counting down the days until their birthday. Filmed in 2015 with a drone and an iPhone 6 by video production Artist Africa, it offers a panoramic view of the Tankwa Karoo allowing you to take in the full magnitude and beauty of artworks. 

AfrikaBurn 2014

A 2014 burner by the name of Jason Hyden shot and edited this Disney-esque timelapse. Visually, he makes the night sky look like a shot from National Geographic’s Journey to the Edge of the Universe – the opening sequence could even be Mars. Okay, maybe we’re a little over-excited but it’s so otherworldly cool.

Archetypes 2013 – An AfrikaBurn Time Lapse Experience 

Over five days, Rory and Riordan Allen from the video boutique company, Strandwolf, shot nearly 50 timelapses. “We had no schedule as we decided to simply shoot when it felt right to do so. It was Rory’s second burn and my first, and to experience it properly, we decided to let the festival dictate the schedule to us”, they explain in their video blurb. Despite losing six cards of footage on the night of the main burn, they still managed to put together this epic short film. 


We know things look cinematic when shot on a drone, but here’s a throwback to what things feel like when you’re on the desert floor. Shot and edited by Morne Jacobsz and produced by Carinus Lemmer and Tiny Laubscher, this 2012 film takes us from daytime yoga chill to the pulsating beats and flaming artworks that enthral us at night.

AfrikaBurn Festival 2016

Flash Forward Productions produced this film shot by Ryan Peimer and edited by Dylan Da S. Get a look-see at last year’s flotillas, moving artworks and happy-go-lucky crowds. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

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