Exhibit.gif: SA’s giphy enthusiasts share their favourite works

Content warning: Flashing images may cause seizures.

Their love of gifs is so immense that Linely Rall, Julian Brookstone, Jean-Jacques Roussouw, Duncan Cosser, Jennifer Cohen and Sharleen Hollick of collective Exhibit.gif decided to curate exhibitions dedicated to this popular digital art form. Each of their exhibitions is preceded by an open call for gif creators from all over the world to submit work centered around a chosen theme.

Since last year, Exhibit.gif has hosted three events around Cape Town and recently started gif jams for interested creatives to learn how to produce digital artworks of their own. In the spirit of Graphic Art Month, we asked the team to share a selection of its most beloved gifs with us. Check them out below:

‘Yada Yada

“This delightful portrayal of modern information consumption is the perfect combination of traditional collage brought to life in a digital format.”


‘Yada Yada‘ by Christel Liebenberg, Cape Town


“This .gif by Winston Duke is mesmerizing. His work is clean and loops seamlessly, making it easy to get absorbed by it. We really enjoy the contrast in this gif created by the simple and serene representation of a destructive cosmic subject.”

‘Oz’ by Winston Duke, London


“We love the use of dream-like projections and the human body in this gif. Seeing it projected in the exhibition space was beautifully self-referential.”


‘Half-formed’ by Inka Kendzia and Jesca Su, Cape Town

‘We Keep Missing Each Other’

“Sometimes the simplest designs make for the best GIFS. In this GIF Heath Nash uses bold, bright vector shapes to create beautiful looping patterns.”


‘We Keep Missing Each Other’ by Heath Nash, Cape Town

‘Free the Nipples d’Estré’

“Francois Beaurain perfectly balances the old and the new by giving a classical oil painting a cheeky digital twist. We love how he also manages to touch on a relevant topic with his messaging.”


‘Free the Nipples d’Estré’ by Francois Beaurain, Bordeaux.


“This hand drawn .gif by Nick is so detailed that we could watch it loop for hours on end, always noticing something new.”


‘.gif’ by Nick Drake, Cape Town


“Gifs from Justin Allart, Lightfarm never cease to intrigue us. This piece have a sense of vague familiarity, yet leaves enough gaps for you to fill in with your imagination.”


‘Untitled’ by Justin Allart and Lightfarm, Cape Town

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