Your weekly dose of creative cool: SA musicians in Japan, new kicks, and a creative workshop

This week we bring you three refreshing music videos, two exhibitions and one creative workshop (should you feel the need to get off your smartphone and create something with your hands). For most, payday is also coming up, so we thought we’d share Pichulik’s new jewellery collection and the new Iniki sneaker by adidas Originals because now and then it’s nice to buy new things, right? 


Pichulik’s fall/winter 2017 Collection

“I looked to Japan’s Ama pearl divers, women who have been free-diving for over 2000 years, holding their breath for minutes at a time and relying on no more than a rope tying them to a buoy. What fascinated me most, though, was the sense of community that existed among the women when the Ama was at their peak”, explains designer Katherine Mary Pichulik on the inspiration behind this season’s style. 

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adidas Originals introduces Iniki

“Paying homage to the original decade of running, Adidas Originals brings its newest model back to its spiritual roots. Progressive language with ’70s three-stripes DNA – pure symbiosis of authentic form and modern functionality for men and women,” says the label. Visit adidas to purchase your pair of retro-inspired kicks.

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Music Videos

Caroline Mackintosh directs Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys

Photographer Caroline Mackintosh collaborated with Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys on their music video for ‘Winter’, the first song to be released off the band’s upcoming debut album, Summer’s Not That Simple. Thematically, the video explores the idiom ‘still waters run deep’, and the deception of the smooth facades we present to others. Keep an eye out for the album’s release date here.

Rob Smith directs Keep You Safe by PHFAT x Mac Motel

“It’s kind of an ode to all my high school crushes, you know? Like an ode to making mixtapes, and buying two tickets to dance, and playing out whole lifetimes in your head while you daydream in maths class. There’s also an elusiveness to that high school crush and a loss of naivety that happens as a person works through it and grows up. I wanted to capture all of that,” says rapper PHFAT about their nostalgic love jam. Check it out below.  

Desmond and the Tutus release the official video for What Am I Gonna Do With You

Following their recent tour to Japan, the band decided to shoot a music video while there. The tour was in support of Flake Records 10th anniversary, and the official album release of Desmond and the Tutus Enjoy Yourself in Japan. 


Karma Spies shares her Parisian experience

Karma Spies is a South African photographer living in Paris. On her blog, you can view snippets of her life, documented through moments in English and French. Her latest post, Colonel Rose, gives you a taste of what springtime in Paris looks like. View her blog here

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Exhibitions and Events

Get creative with Our Workshop

Our Workshop is a space for people to get together and craft things with their hands using discarded and recyclable materials. R20 gets you in the door and lets you create whatever your imagination desires. See more here.

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EXCEEDING RETURN by Curtis Talwst Santiago at Gallery MOMO

Curtis Talwst Santiago is a Trinidadian-Canadian, whose work expresses a transcultural connection with his unknown ancestors. In Exceeding Return, he asks how one can pay homage to, or call upon ancestors when the violence of neo-colonialism continues to diminish their importance. Visit Facebook for details.

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A Fantastic Voyage to the PatternNation at Assemblage

This Saturday artist Cydney Eva will host a final walk through of the collaborative visual art exhibition, A Fantastic Voyage to the Patternation. Cydney and some of the artists involved will speak about how the project came to be and their role in the exhibition. See Facebook for more.

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