Flower beards and Wonder Woman: AfrikaBurn 2017 fashion in photos

AfrikaBurn festival in Tankwa, Karoo brings with it throngs of free spirited attendees who come to both see and be seen. This year, photographer Leeroy Jason snapped all the expressive party outfits at the annual festival.

From furry-bubble looks to multi-coloured tights and metallic bodysuits, there were a lot of out-there looks that fit perfectly into the “Play” theme of the 2017 AfrikaBurn. But alongside the wacky and wonderful garments, we spotted a ton of feathered headgear and braids on people outside of the cultural groups that feathered headgear and braids (read Native American and Black, respectively) belong to, adding to the ongoing issues of *cultural appropriation, especially at music festivals, such as Coachella – remember this

Scroll through a few of the looks from this year’s festival below. 

*Note: We’ve tried to remove any images depicting cultural appropriation. If you spot any of the images that represent it, please let us know: submissions@10and5.com

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