Six distinctly South African products reimagined by local illustrators

South Africa is home to many iconic, homegrown brands. Tastic rice, Nik Naks, and Steri-Stumpi are just a few of these proudly South African brands. Last year, in an effort to re-imagine a few household staples, we invited local illustrators to re-design the packaging for products such as Lion matches, Jungle Oats, Chappies bubblegum and more. This year, we’ve asked another bunch of talented illustrators to re-imagine a new set of local products. From Lucky Star to Oros, see their bold new takes on these brands below. 

Nik Naks by Imile Wepener 

“I wanted to pay homage to the older packaging of Nik Naks, with a contemporary twist. I remember when the mascot was more of a harlequin-esque character, and I wanted to bring that element back into my design. I went with partly the same colour palette as the old packaging, but slightly altered brightness. I ultimately wanted the packet to say: ”There’s a party, with cheese, in this bag!”, and I hope my design got that across.”

Tastic by Palesa Mofokeng

“When I think of rice, I think of sushi immediately. That being said; rice as a staple diet in many Asian cultures was what sparked my interest. I drew inspiration particularly from the Japanese culture, because sushi is a Japanese dish. I used a watercolour painting technique and chose to explore that with the redesign. I also chose to use Jasmin rice from the Tastic range because it’s the sticky rice, that is aimed for making Asian styled dishes. I also took cues from their current packaging by using a magenta/raspberry colour.”

Oros by Lizanne Visser

“Oros is the most orange thing on this planet and the fact that you can drink it is so-oh-oh-oh-oh awesome. The look and feel is a complete celebration of the product’s in-your-face orange-ness. The branding is subtle orange-on-orange, but that’s totally cool because its colour and shape of the bottle is signature enough. The iconic payoff line became the foundation for the pattern, and visually represents the way the payoff line sounds when you hear it: Oh Oh Oh Oh OROS.”

Lucky Star by Brandon Ryan

“I first looked at the Lucky Star packaging and thought it was boring and outdated. So when re-designing its packaging, I knew I wanted to keep the classic ‘fish on the tin’, but switch it up a little. So I edited the Lucky Star logo and a fish in Illustrator and then took it to Photoshop, where I designed a background pattern of waves, and if you look closely you can see thin white lines on the waves which represent the nets used to catch them. I basically just wanted to give Lucky Star a fresh and modern look.” 

Ricoffy by Maggie de Vos

“I think many South Africans make strong associations between Ricoffy and home or family. I wanted to honour these associations by relying on the original colour scheme, but I also wanted to activate the space in a more exciting way. The redesign then aims to embody humour, energy and rhythm, which are things I associate with home, family and South Africa.” 

Freshpak Rooibos Tea by Anja Theron

“Design to me should be beautiful and unique, yet practical. So, I was inspired by the Dutch Delft design. By modernising it and having little quirks like the birds makes it a fun product while still staying true to the product that we have all come to love.” 


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