Quintin Denyssen

‘Expect a bespoke experience’ – Brand ambassador Quintin Denyssen on The Glenfiddich Independent Bar

Glenfiddich brand ambassador, Quintin Denyssen, spent a night at The Glenfiddich Independent Bar enjoying the experimental cocktails and stimulating design. Blown away by the interior design and Glenfiddich’s innovative approach to whisky drinking, he highlighted that even the most experienced whisky palette will enjoy the biometric taste journey provided by the world’s most awarded single malt.

Quintin Denyssen

What’s your favourite thing about The Glenfiddich Independent Bar?
There is plenty to love about The Glenfiddich Independent Bar. The look, feel and vibe of the bar. The unquestionably unique cocktails. I like the biometric cocktails. It’s an interesting concept and execution. And the cocktails are great.

What’s your favourite Glenfiddich cocktail and why?
The sweet and single malt that’s served at The Independent Bar is a definite favourite. I love the way it’s presented and served. The cocktail itself plays with the citrus notes of the Glenfiddich 12-year-old single malt while providing – I think – a taste journey for even the most experienced whisky palate.

Quintin Denyssen

What was your impression when you walked into the venue for the first time?
The venue is surreal. I think the first thing that grabs your attention is the actual copper bar and the attention to detail of all the decor. I particularly love the stag wall and think it’s a great place to take artistic selfies and pictures.

Quintin Denyssen

What was your experience of the Biometric Mixology? Did your unique cocktail match your voice?
I’m lucky because I have experienced it more than once. The Biometric Cocktail does create awareness around how you say your name. My first time I think I said my name without much enthusiasm and energy. I got a cocktail that spoke to that. The second experience was much better. I think for all those that will experience the cocktail; speak into the mic with energy and enthusiasm, if that matches your personality type, of course.

For those who haven’t experienced The Glenfiddich Independent Bar yet, what can they expect?
Expect a bespoke experience, lovely ambience and a great night out brought to you by the world’s most awarded single malt.   

Find out more about the Glenfiddich Independent Bar over here, and sign up for your exclusive invite here.  

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