Glenfiddich Independent Bar

5 whisky lovers tell us about their experience at The Glenfiddich Independent Bar

The Glenfiddich Independent Bar is an exclusive underground treasure that speaks to the pioneering spirit of the world’s most awarded single malt whisky. Its unsuspecting location and innovative whisky cocktails delight and surprises all who venture down the stairs to experience an evening with faces both new and familiar. We spoke to Thato Bapela, Colin FrankeTsakani NgobeniKamo MothabeliSipho Ngwenya to find out what their experience at The Glenfiddich Independent Bar was like.

Glenfiddich Independent BarHow did you find out about The Glenfiddich Independent Bar and what made you request an invitation?
Thato Bapela:
I have always been a Glenfiddich consumer, and through my association with the brand’s ambassador Quintin Denyssen, who has regular Glenfiddich networking sessions, I got to hear of the bar. I requested an invite for me to meet new people and have insightful conversations, as all the previous network sessions hosted by Quintin brought like-minded aspiring individuals together.

Colin Franke: The excitement grew on social media for about a month. This piqued my interest and I knew that I just had to see what all the hype was.

Tsakani Ngobeni: A friend of mine was invited and told me to tag along because he has heard it’s the best place to enjoy Glenfiddich whisky.Glenfiddich Independent BarThe bar is in a secret location. What were you expecting when you made your way there?
Sipho: It didn’t feel like I was downtown. It exceeded my expectations.

Kamo: Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be so pretty. I thought it would be very ‘masculine’.Glenfiddich Independent BarDescribe your custom-made cocktail in three words.
Colin: Smooth, unexpected and enjoyable.

Kamo: Strong and icy.

Thato: Unique and perfect.Glenfiddich Independent BarIn what ways has the biometric mixology changed your perspective on whisky drinking?
Thato: It has added another element which I never associated with whisky – being more playful.

Colin: It opened my eyes to the different ways to enjoy a Glenfiddich whisky. No need to just have it neat or on the rocks.

Tsakani: It made me see the more relaxed side of whisky.

If you could own one item from the bar, what would it be and why?
The mixologist because I’m going to need someone to make me those cocktails.

Tsakani: The secret menu, so I can claim it as mine and share the experience with my loyal friends. Glenfiddich Independent BarWhat surprised you most about the experience?
Colin: The different tastes and flavours.

Thato: The customised welcome drink surprised me. The live band was perfect for ambience

How is the bar different to other venues in Joburg?
 It’s like the Narnia of whisky.

Sipho: There is nothing like it. The attention to detail is amazing. Glenfiddich Independent Bar If the bar was a person, how might you describe them?
Sipho Ngwenya: A cool and confident person. Very chilled and great to be around.

Colin: Initially shy, but then once you get to know them they’re the life of the party.

Thato: Sexy, bold and classy.

Kamo: Tall, dark and handsome. Glenfiddich Independent Bar What did you enjoy most about the experience?
I felt like I was rewarded for drinking the world’s most awarded whisky. 

Colin: Being amongst like-minded people and just having a relaxed and casual evening.

Thato: The personalised experience that it offered.  Glenfiddich Independent Bar

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