Then and Now | Cape Town duo The Seppis take us on a visual journey for Photography Month

In honour of Photography Month, we ask photographers to shed light on their creative journey by sharing an image created on the outset of their careers alongside a more recent photograph that they have taken.

For our second Then and Now feature, Seema Allie and Taariq September of Capetonian collective The Seppis pair some of their favourite photographs with short descriptions; talking on how their early images relate to their current artworks. The co-directing, creative duo take on the production, photography, art direction and styling of every shoot and define themselves around creating visual narratives. “We are still exploring the same things we where when we started our careers. We still have a need to explore ideas and concepts and to capture them in a visual context. We are still developing our aesthetic and visual language. With every shoot we learn more about ourselves and the medium we have chosen to communicate our stories,” Seema says of their collaborative creative journey. Then

Slippery when wet, 2014

On the outset of our freelance career as The Seppis, this image was part of the first series of images we produced. We had worked with the model, Vivian Wieble, many times before but in the context of the corporate setting we were all previously in. I think this shoot came about due to the necessity to build our portfolio and start defining our own visual language. We both desperately needed to relieve the creative pressure built up from not taking the time to work on personal projects. We styled and produced the shoot ourselves. The whole process of developing the concept and visuals, as well as sourcing the garments required to achieve the desired result, was truly cathartic. We shot in our apartment, setting up a mock backdrop that was nothing more than a piece of paper stuck to the cupboard doors in our study. We had recently bought a set of cheap flash heads, which we used to light the scene. This image holds meaning to us because it represents the start of our journey into exploring our ideas around subject matter, aesthetic as well as the notions of beauty.


If I was a boy, 2017

This is an outtake from one of our most recent shoots, featured on Nataal Media. Many different things inspire a concept; sometimes just meeting someone can inspire the need to produce a shoot. In this case it was just that. When we met Brandon we knew we had to shoot him. He just has such a beautiful face and personality. We had been toying with an idea and Brandon fit the aesthetic perfectly. As per our first image we styled and produced the shoot ourselves. This is a process we have come to treasure. We have found that more often than not when we produce the shoot we tend to make some of our best work. I think it has something to do with authenticity. When we stay true to ourselves and our vision it truly impacts the work we make. The image was shot on the staircase that leads to our studio space in Woodstock. It was shot with the only natural available light, something that we have chosen to actively explore more.

Between 10 and 5