Barbershops, fabric and imali: Gerald Machona and Dada Khanyisa artist swap for Bayeza 2017

Bayeza 2017 – 10and5 Top 10 celebrates 10 individuals and collectives through the lens of exchange and dialogue; intergenerationally and between peers. For this Bayeza video, celebrated artist Gerald Machona and up-and-coming talent Dada Khanyisa exchange art and thoughts.

Cape Town-based artists Gerald Machona, renowned for his sculptural works tackling migration and border politics, and socio-economics, and the emerging Dada Khanyisa, whose poignant and playful art reflects everyday life, recently got together to trade art and talk on intergenerational exchange within African societies and artistic peers.

Engaging the significance of the barbershop as a “space that connects the community”, Dada created text-based work for Gerald, of the word “imali” (or “money”), which he wore shaved on the back of his head. While Gerald created clothing items for Dada made of money notes; an extension of his oeuvre that engages with currency value, such as Ndiri Afronaut (I am an Afronaut), made from decommissioned Zimbabwean dollar.

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DAda Khanyisa - Gabriella Achandinah


Photos: Gabriella Achadinha
Filming: Gustav Reyneke
Editing: Nelani Majozi 


Between 10 and 5