Christi du Toit

Itsy Bitsy Inkers: Cape Town-based Christi du Toit creates charming world of designer tools

After struggling to find painting tools on Photoshop that suited his design needs, Cape Town-based digital artist Christi du Toit decided to make his own. “I’ve spent a long time searching for the perfect Photoshop brushes to suit the way I work and have been a victim to option paralysis when presented with brush packs containing over 100 brushes. My solution to the problem was fairly straight forward: I made my own brushes.

The brush tool works like a traditional drawing tool, allowing artists to draw lines and shapes in any colour on a layer in a document using strokes. With Photoshop’s brush tool, you can adjust the tip shape, opacity, flow and blending mode to achieve different drawing styles. To create a brush set, “you can use anything from scanned textures, photographs, or drawings to make new brushes”.

“I often buy new pens just to try them out and analyse why I like them and, more importantly, why I don’t. I knew this would translate into the digital world somehow, and the opportunity to craft my very own custom brushes from scratch was like a dream come true,” says Christi. “I’ve had the chance to tweak my digital tools to a point where they feel comfortable, versatile, and natural to draw with.”

His bespoke brushes take their names from the nursery rhyme, Incy Wincy Spider, and contain two scattered texture brushes, two inking brushes, a few bonus textures and files, which can be used for etched shading, clean line work and simulating scattered ink splatters. Take a look:

Christi du ToitChristi du ToitChristi du ToitChristi du ToitChristi du ToitChristi du ToitChristi du Toit

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