Music guide to life: The definitive break-up playlist

This month, the 10and5 team has curated playlists to get you through life. From being broke and trying to adult, to dealing with heartache plus some, here’s your soundtrack to life’s rollercoaster moments. Zolfreckles aka Zoliswa Mbadu breaks down heartbreak. Listen to more of our guides here

We have all gone through at least one sobby break-up, and one thing we can all agree on is music has helped us get through these emotionally trying times. Below is a list of my top fave break-up tracks. Featuring smooth tracks from Sza’s latest release, CTRL, to some classics from Jilly from Philly. 

Sza — Normal Girl

Favourite Sza speaks about how she wishes she was more of an ideal partner for her lover. “I want to be the type of girl you can take over to your mama”. 

Jill Scott — Slowly Surely

Sometimes, we get “blinded” by the idea of love and disregard our worth in the process.  This song talks about the moment when you finally realise you deserve better!

Noname Gypsy — Take you back

Regret sucks, doesn’t it? Reminiscing about her past relationship, Noname talks about missing her partner and considers giving them another chance in this song.

The Internet — Just Sayin/I tried

After the countless chances you have given your lover, this is the moment when you decide to make peace with yourself and the fact that you have given it your all but it is not working out, letting your ex know that they have finally pushed you to the point of no return.

Erykah Badu — Out my mind, just in time

Another all-time favourite, Badu is trying to get used to the idea of not having her lover around and admits to still being madly in love with him. Referring to herself as an “undercover over-lover” throughout the song.


Amir Obé – Free

One of my newfound favourites, Amir feels like he is holding his partner back and speaks about finally letting her go so she can spread her wings.

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