Music guide to life: The ultimate sex and tension playlist

This month, the 10and5 team has curated playlists to get you through life. From being broke and trying to adult, to dealing with heartache plus some, here’s your soundtrack to life’s rollercoaster moments. Nelani Majozi curates this week’s guide to help you deal with all the sexual tension. Listen to more of our music guides here.

When I first heard of the cool idea to make playlists, I immediately snatched the intimate subject of sex. Perhaps because I was feeling extra liberated at that time — just two weeks later I’ve crawled back into my shell. I have always been in two minds about sex; whether it’s a want or a need, overrated or underrated, if it’s taboo to talk about or can people calm down and allow my expression of my sexuality to be just that, MINE.

I noticed that the songs I have chosen all have something in common, a particular element of sex I understand best: tension.

At times I question whether this phenomenon is more intense than the act itself, especially with someone you have never been with before. Is the build up of this fantasy better than the reality? Is the hunt really better than the kill? Again, I’m in two minds, but that is just my experience. I think the luckiest of us feel that intense sexual energy towards someone, have it reciprocated, and, even better, have it supplied once the deed is done.

Putting this playlist together made me a tad nervous. I thought: “What if people judge my taste? Now they’ll know exactly what I like.” However, that is much like sex — not everyone gets the chance to see that side of you, so when someone does, why not make it count? I can’t guarantee that you will enjoy these tracks as much as I do — much like sex, it is experienced differently based on the individual. But they work for me, and hopefully there are some songs that you have never heard of and can vibe to.

Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker — I’m Into You

Ro James —  Permission

Floetry — Say Yes

H.E.R — Wait For It

H.E.R – Every Kind Of Way

Kaytranada & JMSN – All We Do

Wale & SZA – The Need To Know

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