Video: Style maverick Kwena Baloyi shares the process of braiding the perfect crown

“My hair is an extension of who I am,” says Kwena Baloyi, a coveted South African fashion stylist renowned for her cornrows that she wears like a crown, and her aesthetic sensibility. Born in Limpopo, Kwena has been obsessed with clothing from a young age; interested in how her family would make clothes that seemed boring into extraordinary outfits.

Her work has appeared in commercials and print advertising on campaigns for Standard Bank, Brothers for Life, and Woolworths to name a few, plus fashion titles like True Love and more.

We caught up with Kwena, one of 10and5’s Creative Womxn, who shares with us the intricate and delicate process of braiding the perfect crown.

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Music: Sample And Hold — So Easy
Filming: Nikki Zakkas
Editing: Nelani Majozi
Production: Lee-Ann Orton
Header images supplied by Kwena Baloyi

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