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The PPC Imaginarium Awards 2018: A call to cutting-edge and pioneering designers

The PPC Imaginarium Awards is calling inventive creatives with ambitious, industrial modern art and design ideas to enter their annual, cutting-edge design competition. If your medium is fashion, film, architecture, industrial design, jewellery or sculpture, then this is an incredible opportunity to stretch your design thinking and submit your best idea yet using Portland cement — the most common type of cement — as your primary medium.

Necklace by 2017 winner Kenan Petersen

The judges are looking for entries that strike a balance between technical excellence and commercial appreciation, and demonstrate outstanding craftsmanship. Your concept and prototype of a product or collection must benefit the user, be reliable, structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful.

“By investing in innovative thinking — and the thinkers behind these creative solutions — we build the industry we work in. Ultimately, we can then contribute to a better society, where creative thinking goes towards making stronger, more sustainable communities…By providing support and promoting innovative thinking, The PPC Imaginarium Awards helps to establish young emerging artists and designers as leaders in their respective industries,” says PPC.

Winners of each category will receive a R50 000 cash prize and runners up a R15 000 award. All category winners are eligible for the R100 000 grand prize, and finalists are guaranteed online profiling of their projects and an exhibit of their work. In addition, a group of film category finalists will be granted a R35 000 budget to produce their film.

Doubt-Queuing by 2017’s overall and sculpture winner Mziwoxolo Makalima

The PPC Imaginarium Awards offers artists the chance to receive mentorship, financial support and recognition from artistic and business communities. This year, out of 55 finalists, emerging artist Mziwoxolo Makalima won the PPC Imaginarium Overall and Sculpture Category for his concrete and mild steel work titled, Doubt-Queuing.

“I entered the competition because I saw it as a platform that gives young artists and designers an opportunity to show the world what they’re capable of doing,” he says in an interview with PPC Imaginarium.

Keen to exhibit your design craftsmanship and revolutionary thinking? Be sure to register and submit your conceptual entry by Friday 1, December. Entries are open to all South African citizens, resident holders and foreign students with study permits who are not yet professionally established in their fields. To stand a chance of becoming PPC’s 2018 Imaginarium winner, submit your entry via their website.

The Cambalala Collection: Occasional table and light by 2017 winners Matthew Davey and Tom Utermark

Cloud Spotting: 11:11 by Hannah-Kempe

PPC Imaginarium

A hanging light by 2018 winners Sonja Zytkow and Geoffrey Hunt

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