Creative Womxn 2017 | Podcast: ‘Perfume that connects to people’ – Agata Karolina shares artistry of fragrance making

Agata Karolina is a perfumer and founder of House of Gozdawa, an epicene perfumery in Cape Town, produces small batches of hand-bottled fragrances developed on natural oils. Her debut collection, Confessions Vol.1 launched in 2015 and is based on six people – including herself – who have significantly impacted her life.

“I wanted to create perfume that connects to the person and to the concept of who one actually is and aspires to be,” says the perfurmer, born Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz and raised by Polish immigrant parents in South Africa.

There’s an artistry to creating her distinct fragrances that requires mathematical precision, an alchemist’s understanding of natural oils and most importantly, an excellent nose, all of which is second nature to Agata. Like her fragrances, behind the name of her perfumery lies a personal story. House of Gozdawa originates from the Gozdawa family crest that was presented to her by her grandmother, Olga Von Charpowicka, and dates back to before 1090AD.

Agata Karolina

“Gozdawa represents the strength, sensitivity, creativity, uniqueness and relationship to nature encompassed by the family. House Of Gozdawa is the contemporary legacy that pays tribute to all those that came before, the stories that were lived and apothecary knowledge that was passed down through generations,” says the brand.

Listen to Agata as she talks us through Simo and Albert, two fragrances from her Confessions Vol 1. collection, as well as Ghost, her first travel perfume.

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