Vinyls, garage punk and Dinosaurs: Introducing SA’s new rock record label Now Now Just Now

Newly launched Cape Town record label Now Now Just Now is the brainchild of musician, sound engineer and producer Warren Fisher. Earlier this month, the record labe released a limited run of two 7″ records, one by the garage punk band The Runaway Nuns and the other by The Valley, a desert doom band.

“Our mission is to promote South African music and arts at home and abroad. We’re a record label, but we’re also nurturing South African art and design so the incredible work being done here gets the stage it needs,” says the team consisting of creative director Ines Soutschka, events manager Richard Liefeldt and online and content manager Roderick Mcleod.

Now Now Just NOwNow Now Just Now

“It’s nice to release a vinyl because it’s tangible and shows proof your work, rather than putting something on Bandcamp. It’s a stepping stone and mark of achievement. We want to be part of the vinyl resurgence and owning a vinyl offers a closer connection with the artists,” adds Warren.

Now Now Just Now is serious about making a difference in the local music scene and organises a non-profit residency called The Floor at Mercury Live every first and last Thursday of the month. At their next gig on Thursday, 31 August, the bands Two Stroke and The Dinosaurs will take to the stage with their garage and psychedelic sounds.

Now Now Just NowNow Now Just Now

When speaking about the label’s ultimate vision Warren says, “the short-term is to move away from pressing 7″ to 12″ vinyl. The long-term goal is to start taking bands on tour and handle their bookings, basically doing everything from releasing their vinyl to touring locally or internationally.”

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