Cape Town label OH OK Apparel channels orange in dazed-out debut lookbook

Patrick Visser and Joni Blud, founders and creatives director of Cape-Town based multidisciplinary brand OH OK Apparel, contrasts jaunty authenticity with an overlying neon-lit effect in the brand’s debut lookbook.

Patrick and Joni started OH OK (pronounced Oh, Okay) together at the beginning of the year. OH OK focuses on but is not limited to their main division, clothing. Their debut collection of casual wear comprises t-shirts, denim jackets and hoodies in variations of black, white and orange.

Photographer Martin Magner shot the collection in the homes of friends across Cape Town, emphasising the “everyday” theme. “We pride ourselves on the fact that everything is done in-house or in collaboration with like-minded individuals and friends,” says Patrick. “We want to place a strong emphasis on quality, sincerity and comfort.”

The exuberant images are interspersed with shots from around Cape Town and New York, giving a down-to-earth and dazed urban feel. We chat to OH OK.

Tell us more about the story behind OH OK’s founding.
Brand co-founder Joni and I wanted to start something that feels sincere to us. We want to create everything within that ethos while making things that everyone can wear. You don’t have to look or dress a certain way to wear our stuff. As long as you’re a decent human being we’re cool with you wearing our things.

Why did you decide on orange as your focal point?
Orange is a strong yet underrated colour. It’s sometimes ignored or looked down on but it’s universal and prevalent. We wanted to push that idea as well as its actual non-subtle involvement in everyday life. Yeah, that and it’s just a nicer colour than you think.

What significance do the contrasting images of Cape Town and New York hold?
I recently went on a two week trip to New York where I walked everywhere. During these walks, the universality and similarities of people’s everyday hustle and grind (albeit on totally different scales and spectrums) had a lasting effect on me. I was in awe of the amount of orange everywhere. Somehow these two IRL observations led to the theme of this collection.

In addition to designing clothes, OH OK also arranges parties. Do you find the parties feeding into your fashion work?
There’s a definite relationship between fashion and parties. This can be seen by just looking at history and the fashion movements that stemmed from certain music and the parties associated with that. Both the type of parties that a person attends and the type of clothing they wear can tell you something about that individual, and we try to tap into that.

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