Hannah Faith comes to Joburg! Talks DJing and photographing Fak’ugesi African digital festival

Berlin-based selector, deejay and photographer Hannah Faith is currently in Johannesburg to document and play at the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival, a 10-day programme to celebrate technology, creativity, collaboration and innovation from across the African continent. Over the course of her deejaying journey, she has amassed over one-million plays on SoundCloud, travelled the world and landed a deal with Los Angeles-based label Soulection.

We caught up with her to talk about her life, her sound and making her first trip to Johannesburg, where she will perform at this weekend’s Fak’ugesi Beats Bloc Party.

You’re on the continent, what’s it like being in Joburg?
I feel incredibly honoured and filled with gratitude, having the opportunity to travel to South Africa to share what I love seemed like dream a few years ago. But with prayer and belief, it finally came to fruition.

Could you share your connection to Africa, I read you’re half Nigerian?
My father is half Nigerian, making me a quarter but the percentage doesn’t matter, it doesn’t determine how connected | am. It’s in my blood period. I have been fortunate enough to live in a household where my father’s traditional Nigerian values were taught to me, and I can only continue to pass that on to my future children.

Can you tell us about the portrait you’re taking at Fak’ugesi?
I photographed musicians Melodiesinfonie, Evil Needle, Zaki Ibrahim, Mahaneela and RĀMS [part of the line-up]. They are all wonderful beings and all contain a ball of light inside them. Just being able to be in their company brought me a lot of happiness. I feel like we had become like a family unit.

Do you approach music and photography in the same way?
In some aspect, yes. I like to create a mental storyboard. The mood in which I am feeling and how I wish to project that in my work, is important. The receivers of my work can then feel the journey in which I have crafted piece by piece. The main ethos of my work is love and healing, I create with the intent to transcend a deep feel of enrichment, I create from my heart, I create because empowerment is how we grow into better humans and make this world a beautiful place.

What attracted to portrait photography, and what kind of messages are you hoping to share through the photography?
Humans. We are all beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are so many beautiful souls around the globe. I couldn’t ignore my yearning for learning the craft of photo making. I wanted to share my eye, there is no right or wrong in the photography world, just create from the heart.

What are you looking forward to doing in 2017 that our audience should keep their eyes and ears open to?
I am in the process of launching my lifestyle blog Delika, which is designed for female modern minimalists from all walks of life. Included in this will be hand selected pieces in which I have collected overtime, self care sessions, healing mixes and morning meditation affirmations. Its a space to raise positive vibrations and bring healing to one another.

Photographs supplied by Hannah Faith and Mpumelelo Macu

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