Beyoncé, Power Rangers and cyberpunk – The makings of designer Nao Serati’s latest look book

Gentle, progressive and powerful — these words describe the pastel-tinged world of fashion designer Nao Serati. In his Spring Summer collection, the Johannesburg-based designer continues to play with forms and ideas, creating a sparse yet striking athleisure collection.

The garments, which are a continuation of his Autumn Winter collection, were inspired by the cyberpunk sci-fi aesthetic of the 1999 action film The Matrix.

“We looked at the movie as core inspiration, taking into consideration and thinking about things like the future and what world we are living in.” Here, The Matrix wardrobe is creatively reinvented.

Instead of body-hugging latex and all-black Nao opts for soft, enveloping fabrics and a soft color palette of pink and yellow. “Pink has been associated with all things five-year-old girl but it’s also the colour of Beyoncé’s Check Up On It music video and the pink Power Ranger, so their is power hiding behind the softness,” Nao explains.

To create a look book for the collection, the designer teamed up with photographer Jonathan Kope. In the images, model Mwesigwa Paul from 20 Model Management heads to Fish Hoek in Cape town for a laid-back yet surreal outing. “We wanted to shoot somewhere local, somewhere ‘real’, somewhere with a killer view,” Nao says. Follow Nao Serati


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