New compilation ‘Lab Series 02’ puts South African electronic producers at the fore

Sleepwalker is an independent South African label with a focus on experimental house and techno music. The team created a 17-track album titled Lab Series 02. The compilation spotlights producers at the forefront of electronic dance music from across the country. From the upbeat electronica of Rose Bonica to downtempo chill wave by Vox Portent  — each curated artist takes an unpredictable turn from the last, connected by a homegrown spirit and pioneering sound.

“The Lab series is a compilation that we put out every few months. When we made it public on social media that we are doing another Lab series and are open for submissions the amount of incredible demos we received was overwhelming! So much so that we will be releasing another Lab in the next months to come. It is way of showcasing the new wave of local music and talented producers that are coming out this country at the moment,” explains Alex Leeu, up and coming underground producer and featured artist on the compilation.

The label, which was founded by music producer James Cells (also known as Jimmy Chronic) in 2007, aims to shine a light on emerging artists. “It’s important to take risks with releases and give new producers the chance to put out their work. We are all about building each artist on the label and giving them the inspiration they need to take their music further,” Alex says.

Listen to the full album on Bandcamp.

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