Retro label Swift Thrift drops look book and breathes life into Joburg’s streetwear scene

Chaf Cozy are a collective of vintage sourcing experts based in Johannesburg. “We’re a group of friends who are involved in different art spaces: acting, modelling, designing, music and skateboarding. Collaborating on projects together is easy because of our skill set and chemistry. There’s a lot happening among young people in this city and we’re happy to be around for it,” shares founding member Joseph Ntahilaja. Together they share a passion for seeking out second hand clothes and recently founded retro label Swift Thrift. “I got really into thrifting last year. I struggled finding affordable spots. That’s when I realised that affordable thrift is not accessible to the masses. That was my spark bulb moment,” Joseph says. Photographed by Tarryn Hatchett, the brand’s first lookbook stars members of Chaf Kozi in lighthearted looks. The images show a careless, nonchalant day outdoors on a tennis court. “A lot of the collection is sportswear so I wanted the setting to reflect that. I never wanted the shoot to look like anything serious because that is not how you feel when you wear these clothes,” explains Joseph. An overarching theme of bright color can be seen across seasonal items. Choose from handpicked hats, tees, hoodies and sweatpants. With there only being one of each item, you will want to start looking right away. See some of our favorites from the vintage drop below and shop more at Swift Thrift. Credits: Creative Direction: Joseph Ntahilaja Photographer: Tarryn Hatchett Stylists: Joseph Ntahilaja and Phil Baloyi Models: Loyiso Mbere, Jesse Rabinowitz, Bonolo Shiceka, Lebo Jean-Paul Tilsley, Salma Vallee and Dani Wolf.


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